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Welcome to “enjoy legal”

The present Terms of Use and Conditions govern the access and use of the content of the present website with the domain name ‘enjoylegal.gr’ (hereinafter “this Website”). This Website was created, developed and belongs to the Hellenic Copyright Organization (HCO). HCO is a legal entity under private law, located in Athens (5, Metsovou Street) and placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. HCO was established according to art. 69 Law 2121/1993 Copyright, Related Rights and Cultural matters and its operation is subject to its statute Presidential Decree 311/1994 (Official Gazette A/165/1994), as applicable.

This Website constitutes the official national portal of “Agorateka: The European Online Content Portal”. Agorateka is the pan-European portal of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), that was created under the initiative of the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights. It is an online platform, that collects the national portals of the Member States of the European Union that dispose legal online services that offer creative content protected by copyright and/or related rights. Specifically, Agorateka and hence ‘enjoy legal’ have as main purpose to offer easy and quick access to websites that offer legally creative content, such as musical works, series, films, TV programs and series, e-books, video games and sports events. Through this website users have the possibility at national level to search and find easily and quickly creative content, which is legally made available online.

Ι. Acceptance of the Terms of Use and Conditions

The use of the content of this Website is subject to and is governed by the terms of a legally binding agreement that you sign with ‘enjoy legal’. In order to use the content from the present website, you must firstly agree to the present Terms of Use and Conditions. This use implies and constitutes your express unconditional and irrevocable acceptance (hereinafter ‘acceptance’) of these Terms of Use and Conditions from commencement of the of use and onwards. Specifically, your acceptance of the Terms of Use and Conditions, as well as your agreement and your commitment to comply with them is considered to take place from the entry and browsing to this Website. In case of disagreement with the Terms of Use and Conditions either partially or totally, you must abstain from the browsing and from the use of the content in general of this Website. It is important to dedicate some time to read carefully the Terms of Use and Conditions in their entirety.

ΙΙ. Amendments of the Terms of Use and Conditions

HCO has the right to amend at any time the Terms of Use and Conditions without reasoning and for different purposes, such as the need for harmonization and alignment with the legal framework and the adaptation to the functional/operational possibilities that are provided through this Website and the adaptation to the technological evolution in general. The changes of the Terms of Use and Conditions take place without notification and their final version is published in the webpage herein. In case you do not agree with the amended Terms of Use and Conditions, please do not use this Website or any information or service herein. In the case you continue to use this Website, this indicates and implies your express, without limitation or qualification, unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions. For the above-mentioned reasons, please consult often the present webpage.

ΙΙΙ. Intellectual Property Rights

a) This Website contitutes a creative work according to the Greek and EU legal framework of copyright law, the rightholder of which is the HCO. HCO either has been granted the relevant licenses or is itself the the rightholder of the rights on the works that are included in this Website. Unless otherwise provided, the use of these works without the prior license in the form of written consent by the rightholders, is not permitted.

b) In particular, the users/visitors of the present website shall not copy, download, reproduce, distribute, publish, communicate to the public or make available to the public by any means and in any form the content of this website, with the exception of private copying reproduction. In any case, you may not use for commercial/for profit purpose in any way the content of this website.

Finally, the intervention in any technical mean or other means on this Website from the users/visitors is prohibited. Indicatively and not exhaustively, it is prohibited the use of spam aiming at the extraction or copying of data, and any intervention that affects the functionality of this Website, as this functionality is determined exclusively by HCO.

c) This Website and its content, including text displays, logos, trademarks and images are protected by copyright, , registered or unregistered trademarks, trade names or other proprietary rights (“Intellectual Property”) are owned by HCO.

ΙV. No Warranty – Limitation of Liability

a) HCO makes every effort in order to keep this Website up-to-date and running smoothly. However, HCO bears no responsibility, express or implied, does not warrant and cannot be deemed liable for the operation/functionality of this Website or for the provided links being temporarily unavailable due to technical or other issues or for any eventual incompleteness or inaccuracy of the provided information.

HCO makes every effort, although it makes no warranties that the pages, the services, the choices and the content will be provided uninterruptedly, without errors and that malfunctions of any software provided to the users/visitors will be corrected. Further, it is possible that the pages and the content are subject to technical developments, improvements and revisions.

b) This Website contains links to other websites, which have been created by third parties, with the only purpose of facilitating the users/visitors regarding the search and identification of legal creative content. HCO makes no warranties of any type, in any way, express or implied and bears no responsibility as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, quality, suitability, availability, personal data policy and security of the websites that offer legal content and which are collected in this Website and are displayed with a link and/or for the information, products and services that are contained and provided via these websites, as well as the servers through which this Website and the other websites are made available.

c) Providing links via this Website to other websites with legal content do not constitute and shall not be considered in any way as recommendation, approval/acceptance and/ or warranty for any third party and/or for the content, products or services that they provide via the above-mentioned websites and/or providing links constitutes by no means co-operation with the third party.

d) In case you detect in the third parties’ websites to which the access is facilitated via this Website, creative content – works or other subject matter – which do not fulfill the criterion of legality regarding the publication, the communication to the public or the making available, or otherwise the prior authorization of the author/rightholder has not been granted regarding the above mentioned uses, you can submit a complaint to HCO via the complaint’s form. The complaint’s form can be found in the menu “Contact” of this website by choosing the second available subject entitled “I want to file a complaint that a service that is included in ‘enjoy legal’ does not provide legal content”. After the submission of the complaint, the request is examined by HCO and if the illegal disposal of the content is confirmed, the relevant link is deleted from this Website.

At the same time, you have the possibility through the above-mentioned form of contact to suggest another website which provides legal content (by content type) so that it can be included in this Website. This possibility is provided by choosing the first of the provided subjects entitled “I want to suggest a new service to be included in ‘enjoy legal’. After the submission of the suggestion, the request is examined by the HCO and if the criteria of introduction of the website in ‘enjoy legal’are fulfilled, the website will be registered in this Website.

Finally, you may use the contact form for any other reason (other than for suggestion or for complaint), by choosing the third subject entitled “Other” and by typing the subject in the relevant field.

By using the content on this Website, you agree additionally to the following:

NO WARRANTIES: All the information provided on this website and its content in its entirety are provided “as it stands” and with NO WARRANTIES on behalf of HCO. Additionally, even if every effort is being made, there is no warranty that this Website does not contain any malicious software.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: HCO DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES and assumes no responsibility, including financial responsibility, or liability, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage suffered by you or by any third person as a result of the use or misuse of any of the information or content on this Website or regarding a product or a service made available to or through any website of third party or of their temporary unavailability.

Any omission by the HCO regarding the exercise or the claim of its rights based on the present Terms of Use and Conditions and the national legislation shall not constitute in any way a waiver of HCO’s rights.

In any case, the above-mentioned limitations of liability of HCO apply regardless of whether knew or should have known that there was a possibility for any damages to arise.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK: This Website is for information purposes only and any use, adaptation or misuse by you of any of the information or content on this Website will be made at your own risk. The access to and use by you of the content of the links collected in this Website to the third parties’ websites takes place only under your responsibility and at your own risk. It is stressed that any link directs to a different website and the visit to this third website and the use of its content is subject to the terms of use and conditions of this third website.

V. Third party links – Terms of Use and Conditions of third parties

a) In this Website there is content, links and functionalities that belong and are managed by third party (Third party’s content). The management or the commercial exploitation of these websites, products, applications, provided services and in general of their content belongs exclusively to the third party, which dispose and own all the intellectual property rights on them and the third party is exclusively responsible for their protection and enforcement.

b) You acknowledge that these third parties are not in any way linked to HCO, that HCO bears no responsibility for the content provided by third parties or for third parties actions or omissions and that claims that may arise from the content provided by third parties or the use in general of their websites bear solely and exclusively these third parties and are directed against them.

c) In cases where the author/rightholder of the intellectual property rights is a third – vis-a-vis HCO – party, there shall be express reference and mention to this website, as well as to the author’s or rightsholder’s name, provided that they are available.

d) Further, some of the linked third parties’ websites require the subscription or the creation of an account by users to their services according to their respective Terms of Use and Conditions of those websites. You must note that when you choose a link to another website you are subject as a user/visitor to the Terms of Use and Conditions and the policies in general of the third website. For this reason, we recommend you to be careful before you proceed in the use of any service that is provided by other websites.

e) HCO bears no responsibility regarding your communication with third service providers and regarding any transaction that may arise from your relationship with them.

VI. Jurisdiction and governing Law

These Terms of Use and Conditions and any amendment of them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Greek law, the EU law and the international agreements as applicable. All the above-mentioned Terms of Use and Conditions are considered to be essential. If any of the Terms and Conditions are found to be illegal, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable, the remaining Terms shall remain in full force and effect, and continue to be binding and enforceable. In the event of a dispute arising under these Terms of Use and Conditions, such dispute shall be resolved by the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Athens, Greece.