Often, the search of online legal content, such as music and films is not easy. Websites with illegal music, movies, series, video-games, images or books have become quite popular. As a consequence of that, even users who wish to gain access to works of art/ creative works legally, end up using illegal services only because they are more popular. "enjoy legal"’s main aim is to collect legal platforms of content and direct users towards them.

Here you will find web sites where you can watch or download your favorite movies, series or TV productions, listen to music, download or play online video-games, download images and books. You can do so legally, with safety and respect to the authors’ rights contributing to the preservation and cultural development. In this way you will contribute to the maintenance and development of our cultural product.

"enjoy legal" was created and it is administered by the Hellenic Copyright Organization (HCO) and is part of the Agorateka project that was launched by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Agorateka is a European online portal which collects websites like "enjoy legal" of participating European countries, most notably the Member States of the European Union.

First of all, because piracy is stealing. Authors, and all those who work for the creation of a work of art, make their living with the works and there is no argument that can justify their use without paying the remuneration to the authors for their use. It is therefore illegal to use works of art without the consent of their rightholders, without compensating them for their works.

In addition to that, by making legal use of works and by paying the proper remuneration to the authors and the rightholders, we support the cultural industry which is beneficiary for the preservation/ maintenance of jobs and the payment of taxes to the Greek state. On the contrary the support of pirate web sites only benefits the pirates become rich by taking advantage of works that do not belong to them.

Last but not least, downloading or watching content from pirate web sites can pose significant threats for virus infection to the users’ device, especially when he/she downloads and stores files to his/her computer.

This is our goal. To collect all online platforms that provide works legally, so that the users of "enjoy legal" will know that all the offers of the web sites that are listed here are legal.

However, whilst the team of "enjoy legal" has established a number of criteria that a platform needs to meet in order to be included in "enjoy legal", it is practically impossible to conduct a dynamic control of all works that are made available in the suggested web sites. For that reason, in order to make our list as accurate as possible, we have decided to ask for your help: we have created a form of complaint for our visitors where they can make a complaint in the case they consider that a web site listed in "enjoy legal" offers illegal content. In such an occasion, the team of "enjoy legal" will examine the complaints and will proceed to the necessary actions accordingly.

The fact that a website providing access to online creative content is not listed in "enjoy legal" does not necessarily mean that this website is illegal. Such a website might be still unknown to "enjoy legal", it might not wish to be listed or there might be a request for its registration pending.

Platforms that are listed in "enjoy legal" may provide content as a free or as a paid service or a combination of both. The requirement for a platform to be registered to "enjoy legal" is to provide its’ content legally, regardless of whether it is offered for free or as a paid service.

For these cases we created the form of registration of a website. Independently of whether you are the owner of the website or a user, you can complete form in order to suggest the inclusion of a website in "enjoy legal". Afterwards we will examine the request and if the suggested website fulfills the requirements, it will be registered in "enjoy legal".

For these instances we have created the form of complaints regarding a website. Independently of whether you are a rightholder of the works or not, you can complete the elements of the form in order to suggest the deletion of this website from "enjoy legal". Afterwards, we will examine the request and if indeed the suggested website contains/offers illegal content, it will be deleted from "enjoy legal".

The goal of "enjoy legal" is to become a dynamic portal. This means that the services that are suggested via the portal, will be enriched and updated constantly. In order for a website to be included in "enjoy legal", it must fulfill -at least- all following requirements:

  1. To be addressed to the Greek public
    The website must be addressed to the Greek public. Regardless of whether it is a Greek or foreign entity, its content should be available to Greek consumers. The access to the website (not to the content) should be free, without requirement of subscription.
  2. Legal offer of content
    The content must be offered via the website legally, independently of the fact that the offer is free or by payment. This means that the content providers must have obtained the required licenses from the rightholders for all the works that they dispose.
  3. Secure payments
    In case that digital payments take place through the websites listed in "enjoy legal", they should be absolutely secure. These payments must take place either via banking accounts payments or via well-known services of online transactions.
  4. Known identity of the owner of the service
    The identity of the owner of the websites listed in "enjoy legal" should be known/ identified to the public. There should be a distinctive name of the service, as well as the general information regarding the identity of the owner should be available through the website. Additionally, contact with the owner of the website should be available. Websites with anonymized information of the owner will not be included.

"enjoy legal" is a national portal which is part of the European network of Agorateka. Agorateka is a pan-European portal that collects national portals, such as "enjoy legal", of participating European countries, most notably the Member States of the European Union, which, like "enjoy legal", promote the lawful use of content in the online environment. Agorateka has been created under the initiative of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).